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Admission Arrangements

Admission to Newton Bluecoat C E Primary School

Children are admitted at the start of the school year (1st September to 31st August) in which they become 5. This should be done online following the link to Lancashire County Council’s school application service. (search for School Admissions) between September 2020 and 15th January 2021.

The school accepts an intake of 30 pupils each September to the reception class. As a church school, we also have a supplemental form which is available by applying online or from the school.

We will happily provide advice on any aspect of the admission procedures, please contact us.

For admissions mid-year or to classes other than reception class parents should contact the school for advice.

Parents of prospective pupils are very welcome to visit the school at any time. If we have room to accommodate your child we will endeavour to do so. Enabling them to benefit from our superb facilities, fine teaching and membership of our friendly and supportive Christian family. Please ring Mrs Seed at the school to make an appointment to look round.


Information from LCC concerning Primary (Reception) class admissions

Please note that if your child is admitted to a nursery class attached to an infant or primary school this does not mean that he or she will subsequently be automatically entitled to attend that school’s reception class. The primary school admissions process is an entirely separate procedure and all parents must apply separately at a later date for places in primary schools for each child. Attendance at a nursery class attached to a school does not therefore increase a child’s priority for a place at that school.