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Friends of Newton Bluecoat School

Friends of Newton Bluecoat School

The main objective of the Friends of Newton Bluecoat School Association is to raise funds for extra items and events which are of benefit to all children throughout school. We aim to fund those items which fall outside the educational budget but are, however, necessary or desirable for the children’s enhanced education and school life experience. Membership consists of all parents and guardians of pupils attending school, all staff and anyone else who actively desires to further the aims and objectives of the school.

Over recent years we have raised funds through various events such as:-

Cake Stalls
Christmas Cards and Gifts
Ladies Evening
Children’s Disco
Summer BBQ

The funds have been used to provide:

  • Water bottles for every child to use in class;
  • Many and various in school theatre group visits;
  • Father Christmas gifts;
  • Digital Projector;
  • Matching embroidered sports kit;
  • Play equipment for wet playtimes;
  • PA System with cordless microphone;
  • Outside play equipment;
  • Prizes for school competition and collections;
  • Refreshments during Sports Days, Christmas Parties and Productions.
  • Little Blues computer.

We are all parents, grandparents, staff or friends of Newton School who believe in the best for our children.

There are 3 ways you can help:-

  • Participate – Support each event in any way you can by attending or contributing. Expenditure of each event is kept to a minimum to allow as much as possible to go towards funds.
  • Help – As children leave school so do long valued helpers. We are always looking for extra hands to help during events, whether it be for half an hour during an event or cleaning up afterwards. Many hands make light work and every offer would be gratefully appreciated.
  • Committee Member – The management committee is an elected group of members who organise and present the various events throughout the year.

Not only would we like to continue to make a difference to our children’s school enjoyment by raising funds, we would like to hold events that become an enjoyable social event for children and parents alike, creating a social school community. To do this we need to know which events would be of interest to you, so if you would like to help or have any event/project ideas then please let us know. Contact any member of the committee, or send us a message via school.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our future events.

Management Committee

Below is the list of management committee members. Anyone is welcome to join us at any meetings – you would be most welcome and very much appreciated.

Chair: Fran Tomlinson

Vice-Chair:Emma Cookson

Treasurer: Louise Hitchen

Secretary: Laura Yoxall

Elected Staff Representative: Rebecca Varszegi

Click the link above to read the Constitution of the Friends of Newton Bluecoat School